Repair: A Special Volume of Museums & Social Issues

Sterling, Colin and Larkin, Jamie (eds.) 2021. Repair [Special Volume]. Museums & Social Issues Vols. 15(1-2) & 16(1)

This special ‘relaunch’ volume of Museums & Social Issues crosses three issues of the journal, covering 16 research articles and shorter essays from a variety of scholars and practitioners. You can read and download all the papers and our editorial here.*


Volume 15, Issue 1

Suse Anderson, “We felt unsafe.” Rethinking risk, harm, and safety in museums

Torgeir Rinke Bangstad, Pollution and permanence: museum repair in toxic worlds

Nuala Morse, Care, repair, and the future social relevance of museums

Quoc-Tan Tran, “Working things out”: a back-stage examination of museum documentation

Ren Ewart, Peripheral Witnessing: needlework repair in Tacita Dean’s “Darmstädter Werkblock”

Volume 15, Issue 2

Noémie Etienne, Who cares? Museum conservation between colonial violence and symbolic repair

Marla R. Miller & Karen Sánchez-Eppler, Joining reinterpretation to reparations

Amanda Furiasse, Under Oshun’s Gaze: Africana religions as a model for repatriation

Cassandra Kist, Repairing online spaces for “safe” outreach with older adults

Paul Piwko et al., Exhibitions about mental health – a platform for repairing perceptions and developing literacy

Cintia Velázquez-Marroni, Book Review: Contested Holdings: Museum collections in political, epistemic and artistic processes of return

Volume 16, Issue 1

Adriana Valderrama Lopez, Geographies of Truth: Art and Symbolic repair at Casa de la Memoria Museum

Amy Melia, Institutional experiments in urban relationality: repairing the social bond in capitalist urbanism

Helen Murphy & Ya-ling Chang, Repair through empathy: narratives of reconciliation in two white terror memorial parks in Taiwan

Krasimira Butseva, Vernacular memorial museums: memory, trauma and healing in post-community Bulgaria

Bridget McKenzie, Time to mend: rewilding museums