Haunted Worlds: Reckoning with Ghosts in Arts and Heritage Practice

This talk forms part of the lecture series Exploring the In-Between at Casino Luxembourg.


“Spectres, ghosts and phantoms have occupied a central place in artistic practice for some time now. Critical engagements with memory and history routinely evoke the haunted qualities of contemporary life to document the lingering effects of – for example – colonialism, conflict and trauma. At the same time, heritage practice is often accused of ‘exorcising’ ghosts in pursuit of a clichéd view of the past. This talk will investigate some of the different ways in which heritage and the arts might reckon with the in-between worlds of the ghostly and the spectral in pursuit of more just futures. ”

The series is part of the Artistic Research Lab Experimental Re(é)[flex|ct|ion] Expérimentale, which runs from September 2022 to March 2023.

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