Of Territories and Temporalities

Sterling, Colin and Harrison, Rodney. 2020. Introduction: Of Territories and Temporalities. In: R. Harrison and C. Sterling (eds.) Deterritorializing the Future: Heritage in, of and after the Anthropocene. London: Open Humanities Press, 19-54

This introductory chapter to the edited volume Deterritorializing the Future asks how critical heritage thinking and practice might contribute to urgent debates around the Anthropocene. In particular, the chapter aims to reframe the Anthropocene ‘as a diffuse yet concrete material inheritance; one that requires careful and distinct forms of management in the present, for the future’. To approach this work in any meaningful way, we suggest that heritage needs to move away from a ‘learning to die’ mentality (Scranton) to one that embraces the ‘arts of living’ (Tsing et al).

Co-authored with Rodney Harrison.

Available to download for free from Open Humanities Press.